Anthony Goldstein (thinkerskeeper) wrote in hoggy_herald,
Anthony Goldstein

NPC Reporter Reporting on the Reportable Quidditch Match

From the initial kick-off, things looked good for Ravenclaw. Taking the ball early on, excellent teamwork between Boot and Fairchild provided the first score for them, and once Flint blocked a second attempt, Boot grabbed the ball and tossed it to Usher - right before a bludger was sent right into his back. Usher grabbed the ball - almost instinctively, it seemed and tossed it to Fairchild - right before, he too was all but knocked off of his broom by Goyle.

Thinking quickly, and probably not noticing her stricken teammates, Fairchild managed to score once again, until Perks came from underneath, smacking into her and driving her down and back as she claimed the Quaffle. It never touched Ravenclaw hands for longer than a few seconds after that.

Using the old fashioned scheme of "divide-and-conquer" Slytherin kept the Ravenclaw chasers on their toes, the 'Claw Beaters helping as best as they could, but the bludger, driven by mostly Slytherin bats, drove them back - or, in Atkinson's case, off of their brooms. Throughout all of this, the Ravenclaw Keeper was able to deflect or catch the Quaffle for the first few attempts, tossing them to his teammates, but it was captured once again, time after time again.

At one point, there seemed to be hope for the Ravenclaw team - when the Quaffle was tossed to Zabini, it bounced off of his head, waking him up. He had been flying whilst sleeping. The ball plummeted to be caught by Boot who made a mad dash towards the Goal, but Crabbe and Goyle sandwiched him and managed to batter him off of his broom with the bludger acting like a ping-pong, Boot as the board. Chang was called to take the penalty shots, but visibly shaking with anger, she missed both attempts.

The game continued, and barely five minutes into it, the Ravenclaw players were already bruised and hurting, barely keeping from getting injured further. Halfway across the field from Malfoy, Chang apparently spotted the Snitch and took off after it. A call from Malfoy had Crabbe and Goyle chasing after her, the other Slytherin players keeping the other members of the team preoocupied. Deterred from the Snitch, Chang took a hard climb up and began to get on the evasive as Crabbe and Goyle stuck to her for a few seconds before focusing their attention on the others.

Usher managed to find himself in posession of the Quaffle and opened himself up for a vicious attack when, instead of passing the Quaffle to Fairchild, attempted to get closer to her. Perks and Bulstrode both all but smashed him off of his broom, Bulstrode taking possesion of the Quaffle, Perks jostling Fairchild in the air. Malfoy spotted the Snitch nearby his position on the field and took a hard dive to grab for it, the Snitch a hair's breadth from his hand - but, was intercepted by MacDougal managing to fire the bludger at him. Executing a barrel-roll to get out of the way just in time, fresh cheers came from the Ravenclaw stands as all seemed not to be lost.

MacDougal, though, soon found herself on the defensive as the Beaters attempted to do the same thing to her as they did her injured teammate Boot, but, she managed to pull out, suffering only one blow to her ribs - by Goyle's bat. Another penalty shot was called, MacDougal's side was obviously affecting her aim. Flint grabbed the Quaffle and threw it a good distance down the field, the Slytherin Chasers racing down the field - closely followed by their Beaters, who were then closely followed by MacDougal, Fairchild, Usher and Atkinson, Chang's attention torn between her already battered teammates and any sign from the Snitch.

The Quaffle was thrown almost directly at Goldstein who caught it in his hands, then caught the bludger square in his chest. The Quaffle was knocked out of his hands as he began to fall, but managed to pull back up - in time to see Bulstrode toss the Quaffle through the goal. The score was now 20 - 10, but it felt like much, much more than that. Slytherin had the unofficial lead, it seemed and it was only a matter of time before the broken, battered bodies of the Ravenclaw team were swept away underneath Slytherin's victory.

Similar tactics left Goldstein with his own bruises and a bleeding nose from a bludger that wasn't quite dodged, but the score stayed locked at 20-20. The rest of his teammates weren't faring any better, Atkinson taking a bludger directly to the face meant for MacDougal, and knocked out cold. Now, the Ravenclaw team was down two members completely, Chang the only member who was more or less unharmed. Crabbe and Goyle had their choice of targets, but upon instruction by Malfoy, they were once again chasing after Chang, upon exclusion of everyone else.

In a rather unprecedented turn of events, Goldstein left his post, showing off the speed of his Firebolt and smacked into Goyle, taking a bludger fired by Crabbe to the shoulder, but held on and chased after him. Ever the opportunists, the Slytherin Chasers - and the Seeker -managed to score 80 points before a foul was called on Goldstein as he outright tried to tackle Crabbe off of his broom. Twenty more points were scored, Slytherin now in the lead 110-20.

It came as a total surprise to everyone, though, when right after the 110 points was called, Ravenclaw's point total sky-rocketed to 170 and they were declared the winners, Chang rocketing back up from just a few feet from the tail of Malfoy's broom, holding the Snitch triumphantly in her fist. Little more than twenty minutes and two players injured, Ravenclaw was declared the winner.
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W00T! Awesome job! If it weren't so much work I'd ask for something like this to be done for all the games. Really fun read though. Sounded like a good game, too bad Eloise couldn't watch. ;_; ((I'll milk it until it's dead.))