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Article in today's Herald

An Explanation of the Disease 'Rabies'
By Nora S. O'Malley

With the advent of the Daily Prophet article detailing the Death Eater attack on the Patil family, many students have been wondering exactly what 'rabies' is. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to research this dreaded disease and provide you all with information.

Rabies, formal name Rabiosa Ultima, is most commonly known as a Muggle animal disease, but the truth of the matter is that magical creatures are often affected as well. Rabies dates back to the time of the dinosaurs and was, in fact, the main reason for their extinction. Since that most ancient time, rabies had been spread to mundane and magical creatures alike, causing death and destruction in its wake.

Rabies can be spread by several means, the most notable among them biting, kissing, and drinking firewhiskey. It's nearly 100% incurable, meaning the Patil brothers will quite probably die. If by some miracle, they do survive, they will most certainly become wererabbits, an unfortunate side effect that will cause them to transform into violent rabbits once a month. Perhaps then, death would be preferable to such a horrific fate.

::Upon seeing this article, an unhappy Flitwick gives O'Malley a long lecture and a week's worth of detention. Unfortunately, the damage is already done.::
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