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Have we been visited by a real-life Cupid?

Emma Dobbs reporting - Forget about Valentines day, September seems to be the time for love for the students and Professors of Hogwarts. Who was seen snogging during the big-time dinner but obnoxious Hufflepuff couple Increase Ashman and Eloise Midgen. Get a room you two! Oh wait, you do! In I-told-you-so news, even though it wasn't this reporter who told you so, Draco Malfoy and Sally-Anne Perks looked very prim and proper, amazing and impressing anyone who cared, and Pansy Parkinson was found with her new beau, Adrian Pucey. Better luck this time, Pansy!

Of course the big news isn't the dinner or who was or wasn't eying each other, but that two of our Professors, Miss Hestia Jones of Transfiguration and Mr. Hart Dillingham of Muggle Studies are getting married! According to sources, the two were engaged during a period of the Muggle Arts Club, one that entailed searching for objects through the school. How romantic, if you don't gag first. Congratulations for our two lovebird professors, only seven years apart in age (again, according to sources). One has to wonder if their courtship has involved the rumoured broken tables in the Muggle Studies classroom and strange noises coming from the teacher's lounge. Oh my, I hope that wasn't a bad turn of phrase!

Other notable events of the past month included the boring birthdays of both our Head Prefects, a rubbish story from an anonymous author (talk about lame), an ugly row between Theodore Nott and someone-you-don't-want-to-mess-with, Draco Malfoy over Pansy Parkinson, and other such nonsense.

How will October turn out? Well already we've seen the violent and noisy end of Hogwarts musical sensation, The Skinwalkers, and we have yet to see Harry Potter do something, so cross your fingers either way! Remember, Hogsmeade weekend is on the 11th, and naturally there's Halloween, which usually happens as either a ball, a dance, or a disaster in some way or form. Loads to look forward to!

Until next time!
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